Global Christmas Feeding Program

The Global Christmas Feeding Program is an annual event that was designed to reach the most vulnerable members of society in nations all around the world. One day in which we join together to share the Love of God with those in need. To provide street children, orphans, widows and many others with a hearty meal, a warm hug, some much needed relief and above all the opportunity to hear a salvation message and to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

Thank you for your continuous support of this amazing program. With your help, we can change the world, one meal at a time.


In impoverished nations all over the world, Christmas day is not a day of celebration, but a day of uncertainty, of loneliness, and hunger. The daily struggle for food, for shelter, for love, and for family is all too real for so many.

The Global Christmas Feeding Program was created to ease the burden that so many carry every day, if only for one day, and to show, in the most practical way, the love of Christ in action.


How can you help?


As an individual or a family, you can work this program into your monthly priorities, setting aside any amount in the next couple of months.

Groups & Churches:

Be it a church, a youth group, cell group, or even at the office, consider a fundraiser, there are hundreds of online resources to help you with ideas and planning. Some examples are things like:

· Coffee Morning at your local church
· Bake Sales
· Bottle Drives
· Fall Yard Work

Investing your own time and energy into a project such as this can be a valuable experience.


As a church, consider committing an amount to this program, many of our churches worldwide have made this an ongoing practice, and we are so thankful for their participation from year to year. Hold a fundraiser, a missions’ dinner, or an auction; promote it regularly to your congregation; and make this an annual event for your church.

No matter how you choose to participate, just imagine, you will have the opportunity to see pictures and videos of thankful children from around the world and say, "I had a hand in that", literally!

Ways you can give:

  • Give through your local church - (designated Global Christmas Feeding Program)
  • eTransfer our accountant -
  • Call or send a check to our head office - info below

VCI Head Office:
10623 West Valley Rd SW
Calgary, Alberta, T3B 5T2
(403) 286-8337

Note: Please have all donations sent to your local Victory Church or the Victory Churches Head Office
by December 4, 2023.

THANK YOU so much for your generous giving to this important project.